The term ‘whisky’ derives originally from Gaelic meaning ‘water of life’.

Multiple Distilleries using a mix of Grains

A cask-conditioned taste with a pronounced velvety texture, Blended Grain Whisky basks in a mystique veil that redefines smooth.






Blended Grain Whisky is made from 'Multiple' Distilleries

In a Blended Grain Whisky, 2+ Single Grain Whisky is used to create a fusion of subtle spirit from varied distilleries. Blended Scotch Whisky on the flipside is a mix of Single Malt with a Single Grain from dissimilar distilleries. Here, grain works as a base and malt add flavour to the bouquet.

Whisky Distillery
Barley Grain

Blended Grain Whisky is made from a 'Mix' of Grains

Smooth and seldom strong, Blended Grain Whisky is rarer than Single Grain. The blend is infamous for its soft and piquant flavour ranging from Maize, Rye, Wheat and Oats in the mash sans Malted Barley.

Blended Grain Whisky is made via Column Still distillation or Coffey process. It is easy to spot Blended Grain often chill-filtered, as in Single Grain spirits. You can blend two different single grain spirits to make your own blended grain whisky via pipettes too.

ABV of Blended Grain Whisky is higher than Single Malts, although they taste lighter. That’s why ABV of Blended Grain typically ranges from 40% to 80%, depending on the distillation used.

Nose and Taste

Blended Grain Whisky Flavour Profile

Aged for a minimum of three years, Blended Grain tastes sweet when aged more than 17 years. Moreover, grain whiskey comes with highly subtle yet award-winning taste often found in Scotch as a blend.

Popularly appraised flavours of Blended Grain Whisky are Smoky, Cocoa, Peat, Rich, Pine, Eucalyptus, Citrus, Caramel, Clove, Vanilla, Marshmallow, Hay, Coconut, Herbal and Floral hints.

Scotch Whisky Regions

Blended Grain Whisky Regions

With Japanese blends of grain whisky leading the trend across the world, Scottish and Irish Grain blends come second. Other popular Blended Grain whiskeys with a crisp, soft finish are American, European and Canadian.

Understand Whisk(e)y

Daniel from The Whisk(e)y Vault explaining whisky to Brian and Jason from The Modern Rogue