The term ‘whisky’ derives originally from Gaelic meaning ‘water of life’.

Made in the USA from a minimum of 51% Corn

A nectareous corn mash made under strict scrutiny, Bourbon Whiskey is an unadulterated spirit that luxuriates the palate with hints of charred oakiness.






Bourbon Whiskey - Made in the USA

Named after Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Bourbon is an American Whiskey made with more than half corn mash. The sweetness of Bourbon comes from corn and the colour from the barrel-aging process. Legally, Bourbon must be made in America to be called Bourbon Whiskey.

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Bourbon Whiskey is made from a minimum of 51% corn

Bourbon is touted as the one of the few traditional whiskeys without additives. It is made with a proportionate mix of grains with water.

Typically, 51%- 70% of the Bourbon mash consists of corn and the rest filled with Wheat, Rye or Malted Barley. American Bourbon Whiskey is made from sour mash in a pot still or column still to create a colourless spirit called White God. It is then added custom charred oak barrels used for aging, which derives the amber tone of the spirit.

Bourbon is distilled to 80% ABV and bottled above 40% alcohol by volume. Moreover, it is strictly brewed in new charred oak barrels stacked sideways for maximum airflow.

Nose and Taste

Bourbon Whiskey Flavour Profiles

With vaguely-described minimum aging for Bourbon in the U.S (up to three months), EU considers Bourbon Whiskey aged more than three years. The flavour profile of Bourbon Whiskey includes, but not limited to Floral, Toffee, Honey, Cinnamon, Malt, Caramel, Spice, Oak, Dried Fruit, and hues of Vanilla.

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Bourbon Whiskey Varieties

A historic whiskey that stood stern to prohibition, Wars, and harder struggles, Bourbon is strictly American. Varieties of Bourbon depend distinctly on the mashup, distillation and aging process.

Bourbon Straight Whiskey is aged up to two years while Bourbon with a label ‘Bottle in Bond’ translates to 4 years of age statement. Moreover, the latter is distilled in a single season under one distiller. Another variety is Wheated Bourbon, where wheat is used instead of rye apart from 51% corn.

How Bourbon is Made

Here, you’ll find all of the steps that go into making America’s Bourbon Whiskey.

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