The term ‘whisky’ derives originally from Gaelic meaning ‘water of life’.

Made in the USA from a Minimum of 51% Rye

An elegantly layered bouquet of oak and spirit, Rye Whiskey is an invigorating spicy brew with a light body that makes you fly with fire.






Meaning of Rye Whiskey

A satiating spirit with a clean overall dryness, history of Rye Whiskey is rooted in America. Not all whiskeys with the name Rye Whiskey are actually made from Rye. American Rye Whiskey contains more than half rye while Canadian Rye Whiskey contains the flavour and rarely any rye!

Empire Rye is a Rye Whiskey made from a minimum of 75% Rye grown and distilled strictly in New York with an age statement of at least 2 years. Straight Rye Whiskey is aged for a minimum of two years while Canadian Rye is aged for 3+ Years.

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Rye Whiskey is made from a Minimum of 51% Rye

Rye whiskey is a peppery American Spirit brewed similar to Bourbon, except corn is substituted with rye in the former. It is made with a mash bill primarily composed of rye and malt with traces of other grains such as corn or wheat.

Often brewed in stills, Rye whiskey is distiller at ABV of 80% with the barrelling reducing it to 62.5 % and bottling to 40% and above. Much like it’s long-lost cousin Bourbon, whiskey made from rye is aged in charred oak barrels new in condition.

Nose and Taste

Rye Whiskey Flavour Profiles

The balancing bouquet of tastes in Rye whiskey dries softly as the finish rolls on. The medley of rich fruits and flavoursome oak gives it a nutty character consistently praised for flavour and aroma.

Notable tastes for discerning drinkers of Rye whiskey will taste Cinnamon, Clove, Caraway, Dried Fruits, Toffee, Spice, Green Apple, Honey, Vanilla, Citrus or Oak, depending on the brand.

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Rye Whiskey Varieties

There are only two varieties of Rye Whiskey – American and Cnanadian.

American Rye Whiskey has upwards of 51% rye that imparts a delectably spicy flavour to the brew. Typically, Canadian Rye Whisky uses little or no rye. It is a blend of high ABV base whiskey of corn or wheat with a low ABV flavouring whiskey made from a mash of rye.

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