The term ‘whisky’ derives originally from Gaelic meaning ‘water of life’.

Made in the USA from a Minimum of 51% Wheat

A dreamy caramel whiff that seeps into your taste buds, Wheat Whiskey is priced for its earthy yet glacial softness.






Meaning of Wheat Whiskey

A soft-bodied whiskey with a caramel crunch, Wheat Whiskey essentially means whiskey made from predominantly wheat grains. It is aged for 3+ years.

Don’t confuse it with Wheated Bourbon, which is a Bourbon with wheat in larger amounts than rye. A spirit that revived from the Pappy Crazy, Wheated Bourbon is aged 8+ years while Straight Wheat Whiskey is matured for 2 years.

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Wheat Whiskey is made from a Minimum of 51% Wheat

American by heritage, Wheat Whiskey follows the same process as the Bourbon, although wheat is replaced in the former.

From 51% to 100% wheat, there are Wheat Whiskeys of varied proportions made in pot or column stills. It is a cost-effective and flavoursome spirit that lingers long after, with a sweet aftertaste. ABV of Wheat Whiskey depends on the bottling as it is barrelled 125 proof with 40% or above in the bottle. It is not mandatory for wheat whiskey to be made in the U.S.A to be called so.

Nose and Taste

Wheat Whiskey Flavour Profiles

With its contagiously robust taste, Wheat Whiskey is a light-bodied spirit with pronounced sweetness from the wheat mash bill. Much like Bourbon, the American whiskey from wheat is made in new charred oak barrels with little or no spice.

The prized whiskey made from wheat caters to many flavours, namely Vanilla, Fresh Fruit, Citrus, Char, Marmalade, Sweet and Sour hints. Now you know why there is a perfect balance of aroma and flavours in Wheat Whiskey that discerns whiskey drinkers.

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Wheat Whiskey Varieties

Used widely in Single Grain Whiskeys around the world, Wheat Whiskey is a popular American brew. The best regions that produce wheat whiskey are Kentucky, Washington, and Montana, where the abundance of the grain played a vital role in popularizing it.

Suntory Reserve in Japanese Wheat Whiskey has formidable wheat brews. Another wheat spirit to taste is German Wheat Whiskey.

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